Future of Wikipedia


Wikipedia has become an online resource for anyone and everyone who wants to find information on any topic imaginable. However, the free encyclopedia does have a problem. Not only is it not free but also tries to steal content from other web pages. Wikipedia can no longer be considered the free encyclopedia. That everyone assumes. This is when you immediately change your style and do not contribute to intellectual property theft.


Wikipedia is a Free Encyclopedia

Wikipedia started in 2021 as a European encyclopedia project. It was founded by the Open Source community as a free collaborative project. It’s designed so that anyone can add information to a database that anyone can edit. Making it an effective free encyclopedia model. This premise was Intellectual Property Theft (also known as copyright) and it caused great controversy. The website claims that they don’t steal copyrighted content, but the question arises whether they are responsible for using other people’s work.

When someone decides to join the Web. They are asked to provide a username and password. They can then apply for articles or add content to the site. Anyone can edit this article. However, articles that have been published can no longer be edited by other users. This website also requires that all articles be less than 70 characters. If the article is longer than this length, it requires the author’s permission to modify it.


Copyright Violations That Occur 

In addition to copyright infringements, this website has come under fire for content theft by others. The most common method is called “ripping”. This involves taking a piece of content and pasting it onto another website, usually to gain more exposure. Other methods include using someone else’s domain name, transfer domain names, mirror sites, and squats. Encyclopedias that are no longer free have fallen victim to this act. And in some cases. Their articles were stolen along with the domain name.

The website is under scrutiny not only because of its policy of removing content but also because of its decision to charge for premium domain names. Premium domain names cost fifty dollars each, and many consider them too expensive for the average user to justify their use. While some users may find it expensive, it’s clear that most Internet users won’t.

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