Fractal Design Meshify Review

In this Top 10 PC Gaming Cases Fractal Design Meshify 2 review we take a look at the new sibling of the original Meshify sunglasses. Meshify 2 is an updated high-performance model with a modern; sleek; and silent but powerful design. Its beautiful; edgy exterior features clear; bolt-on; matte-glass lenses; a fully adjustable front panel; and an integrated front USB Type-C port for charging and data sharing. All the basic specs are present and well-suited as well as new additions including Wave Sound and Low-Jacking.


Top 10 PC Gaming Cases

One of the primary features of the Top 10 PC Gaming Cases Fractal Design meshify 2 review is the ease with which it can be removed from your eyes. The earphone caddy clips on and off via a magnetic clasp that mounts on the bridge above the temples. To remove the earphones; just pull down on the bridge until the earphones are completely detached. A standard cable assembly hides behind the ear pads for convenient hooking and pulling.

Another important feature of the Fractal Design mesh front is noise cancelling performance. This is easily the most important aspect of this pair of sunglasses. At first listen the sound is soft and subtle; blending into the background noise effortlessly. If you’re worried about the loudness of some music or videos this is enhanced by the fact that you can turn up the volume a few notches. Another great feature of the mesh front is the fact that it is compatible with many iPods including the ones that come with the Parental Control software package. This feature alone may make the Fractal Design mesh front worth its weight in gold for those parents who need complete control over what their children are listening to or watching.

I did however find a couple of minor quibbles with the Fractal Design meshify 2 review. For example while the earphones have an easy release mechanism they can be a little hard to get out – I found the same problem with the designer edition model. Another quibble I did have relates to the large faceplates. Whilst these may look great they do take up quite a lot of space when resting on your face – my ears got sore and I found it difficult to sleep because of them. A good alternative would be to buy a pair of Bluetooth earphones.


Fractal Design Meshify 2

More depth on the 2021 PC Trends. The final part of the Fractal Design meshify 2 review regards its comfort. While the case is extremely well cushioned it does feel a little cheap. I suppose if you had been looking at faceplates and trying on several pairs of headphones this might not be a problem but as these are pretty big there’s nothing to comfort you about the way the mesh faceplates fit on your ears. Another problem I had was that the earphones could be a little heavy for my ears – in my opinion this is simply because of the huge spikes on the outside of the earphones. I also found that while the mesh faceplates do have good ventilation they don’t offer a very good level of sound – if you want great sound then you’re better off either buying a good set of headphones or listening to music through your speakers.

Overall the Fractal Design meshify 2 review is very good. It gives you the lowdown on the product; its design and what it can do for you. However; there are a few problems with the actual product itself which means that if you want to make a purchase based on this review you should proceed with caution. As with any review you shouldn’t make your decision based purely on what other people say; you should compare the product to the previous cases and decide for yourself what the Fractal Design meshify 2 case review has to say.

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