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The Top 10 Smartwatches Fitbit Sense is its ability to track both your heart rate and your sleep throughout the night. Most smart watches simply tell you your maximum heart rate during a workout; but your wristband offers a much more complete picture. If you are going to be doing an intense workout right after a long and tiring night of sleep; you will need to make sure that you are getting the rest you need in order to recover fully. The FitbitSense is able to provide you with the information you need in order to be successful and to be fully prepared for your next session. If you do not get enough sleep; you may find that your performance during the next workout does not live up to your standards.


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The FitbitSense is arguably the most innovative product Fitbit has ever released to date; and while everything seems to function properly; a person wishing to use the system must first take a moment to look over the FitbitSense review. After all; what do you expect from a fitness equipment product that costs as little as $25? While the initial asking price may have been the intention of Fitbit; they instead opted for the direction that is now leading them – a high-tech smartwatch with all of the functionality of an advanced tracking device; but at a fraction of the price. So; what can we expect from the FitbitSense and what can we get from the new product?

The main complaint that people have about most fitness and health trackers is that they are too hard to use or too confusing to understand. With the FitbitSense; this is not an issue because everything is very clear and easy to follow. In addition to the clear display; you will be able to track your heart rate with the included heart rate monitor; as well as the number of calories that you burn with the easy to read calorie counter. There is also an included dashboard that allows you to keep track of your total workouts and to compare them to your goals. You can even upload your workout videos for others to watch. All of these features are designed to simplify the process of tracking your fitness and health.

Another area that people complain about is that they are confusing. The FitbitSense has all of the standard features that you would expect from a sleep monitoring system; including the touch pad; alarm clock; sleep timer; and so forth. However; other complaints are that the technology is simply too advanced for most users and that the instructions are too vague to be of any help. Overall; the FitbitSense really does deliver on the services that it claims to offer; but it just may not be enough to quell the frustrations of some users.


Fitbit Sense

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It seems that most people will be looking at the features of the FitbitSense in terms of the ability to keep track of their exercise routines. With the ability to connect up to your computer via a USB port; you can upload your workout routines into your wristband. This then tracks all of your activity including your heart rate; calories burned; your speed; distance; time; and so much more. With the data being displayed on your watch; you can quickly and easily see at a glance how effective your daily workout routine is. If you find that you are becoming too stressed out; for example; you can quickly analyze the data to determine whether or not you are taking care of yourself properly and whether you need to take some steps to relax or de-stress before your next workout.

Another great feature of the FitbitSense smartwatch is that it allows you to set goals for your fitness goals. For example; if you want to lose weight; you can choose from many different Fitbit exercises to help you reach your goals. You can also compare your stats from one day to the next. By doing this; you can determine if the changes you are making in your diet and workout routines are working or not. If you feel that your results are lagging behind; you can analyze the data from your Alta Fit sleep score app to see if there is something else affecting your results.

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