Edge Chromium Will Get Price Comparison Feature in Collections

Edge Chromium Will Get Price Comparison Feature in Collections

A new feature was introduced by Microsoft for their new browser, where this new feature is a new enhancement to Collections, which later users can see price comparison from various websites directly from the Collections page.

Collections page

Regarding this feature, it is said that users will be able to easily compare the price of a product they want from all retailers with just one click.

Explained Microsoft on its announcement page

And as in the picture above, users who store a product in collections will get an alternative to contrast costs with different retailers which will at that point show a rundown of costs from several retailers, and there is also a connection that prompts the retailer’s site.

Even though this feature looks cool and very attractive especially for those who like to shop, unfortunately, there is no further information on whether this feature will be present in all regions or only in the US region, even apart from that there is still no information whether all retailer sites will appear as a comparative price list option there.

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