Different Types of Ubuntu

In Linux, variants of the desktop environment are also referred to as flavors. Ubuntu Flavors is a different environment from the default Ubuntu desktop, whether it’s based on a specific desktop environment, usage, or a specific theme. The following are some of the widely discussed Ubuntu types.

Ubuntu GNOME

This is the default version of Ubuntu since 2017. This Ubuntu variant has an interface similar to Mac OS X. It is a widely used version of Ubuntu and you can find lots of support as well as videos and articles that discuss this version on the Internet. However, if you want to use GNOME, note that you will need very good hardware to function. If your system has RAM under 4GB, it is not recommended that you use GNOME.


Kubuntu is the KDE version of Ubuntu. The KDE Plasma desktop environment is known for its easy configuration options. You can use Ubuntu with a modern look through this version. There are lots of changes you can make with this version so if you like customizing your desktop, try using Kubuntu. Also, as long as your system has RAM above 2GB, you can use Kubuntu without any hassles.


Xubuntu uses the Xfce desktop environment. This is one of the oldest desktop environments and gives you pretty basic customization options. It may not look as attractive as Ubuntu Unity, but that doesn’t mean it looks completely ugly. If your system has 1GB of RAM, you can use Xubuntu.


Like Xubuntu, Lubuntu is also tailor-made for smaller systems. This version uses the lightweight LXDE. Lubuntu also has a similar appearance to Windows XP. Lubuntu is also the lightest option, even if you have a system with less than 1GB of RAM, you can use Lubuntu.

Ubuntu Unity

Until 2016, Ubuntu Unity was Ubuntu’s default interface before being replaced by GNOME. Ubuntu Unity itself already has a nice appearance so you don’t have to bother configuring it.

Ubuntu MATE

Ubuntu MATE uses the MATE desktop environment fork from GNOME 2. This version has a more traditional look than the other versions.

Ubuntu Budgie

This is the newest variant of Ubuntu. As can be seen from the name, this variant uses Budgie for its desktop. The environment was developed by Solus Linux and has a modern and elegant look. This variant is the choice of many Ubuntu users. Budgie gives you notifications like MacOS and the GNOME side launcher. In UI, Budgie can be said to be very satisfying.

Ubuntu Kylin

Flavor Ubuntu is for users in China. In this variant, you can use Chinese and some of its features are tailored to the needs of users in China.


Edubuntu stands for Education + Ubuntu. Basically, it is GNOME specially made for schools and educational institutions. You will immediately find apps and games suitable for your students.

Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu Studio uses the Xfce desktop environment but you will immediately get the audio video tools installed. This variant is specifically for those who need to use audio, video and graphics features.


Mythbuntu is a minimal Ubuntu installation intended specifically for MythTV. MythTV is open source software for multimedia and home theater PCs.

How are you interested in trying Ubuntu?


In this article, we’ve covered a few things about Ubuntu. As one of the most widely used operating systems in the world, there is nothing wrong with considering using it. For those of you who want to know more about Ubuntu, please look forward to our next article! Hope this article helps!



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