Cyber ​​Criminals Use Raffi Ahmad Name to Launch Attacks

Cyber ​​Criminals Use Raffi Ahmad Name to Launch Attacks

According to McAfee’s report, a number of well-known artist names, including Indonesian celebrities, are often used by cybercriminals to carry out fraud.

Attacks from cybercriminals, according to McAfee Research, are online links that have high dangers. And the potential for attack becomes very large when access to content about the popular artist is consumed with wisdom, through various information that can be found easily in cyberspace.

“Now cybercriminals are rapidly capitalizing on consumer interest in celebrity culture. This method of attack is by inserting malicious links on free entertainment. Users may not be fully aware of the risks, and how dangerous cybercrime is to the security of personal data if they are wrapped in artistic entertainment content, ”said Shashwat Khandelwal, Head of Southeast Asia Consumer McAfee through his official statement.

Raffi Ahmad

In the pandemic mass, as well as the large-scale social restriction (PSBB) policy in Indonesia, it is undeniable that internet activity has increased sharply, especially to access entertainment content.

“So it is very important for consumers now to learn to protect their digital lives from online criminal actors, and to think twice before accessing certain sites or content, especially because criminals continue to implement fraudulent practices such as fake sites by offering free content,” he said.

Then the active search for their favorite artist’s news, made them vulnerable to cyber attacks, especially with the appearance of clickbait advertisements involving these well-known names. Even those that are very risky, regardless of loyal users to watch their favorite artists through premium channels. According to McAfee’s records, many Indonesians are willing to download content illegally in order to get the content of their favorite artists, so they are at risk of becoming victims of cybercrime and losing personal information.

“Everyone needs to understand that doing so can expose themselves to increasingly intelligent cybercrime, such as viruses or malware in torrents or pirated downloads that can cost more than the cost of subscribing to official platforms.

Cyber ​​attacks in Indonesia that take advantage of the name of the highest artist according to the McAfee report, top positions Blackpink, EXO, Zayn Malik, and Gigi Hadid. Meanwhile, the highest-ranking Indonesian celebrity is Raffi Ahmad then Atta Halilintar The 22nd most popular Indonesian YouTuber in the world in 2020.

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