Basic Concept of Information System

Basic Concept of Information System

Basic Concept of Information System. The system is basically a group of elements that are closely related to one another, which function together to achieve certain goals. In simple terms, the system can be defined as a collection or set of elements, components, or variables that are organized, interact with each other, depend on each other and are integrated. Systems can be either abstraction or physical (Gordon B. Davis, 2002). An abstract system is an orderly arrangement of interdependent ideas or conceptions. While a physical system is a series of elements that work together to achieve a goal (Tata Sutabri, 2004).

From the definition above, it can seen that the benefits of the system are to unite or integrate all the elements that exist within a scope, where these components cannot stand alone. Components or sub systems must integrated and interconnected to form a single unit so that the goals and objectives of the system can achieved. The systems approach which is a collection of components or elements is a broader definition than the procedural systems approach.

Another definition of a system is a collection of parts that work together to achieve the same goal; or a collection of objects that are related and interact with each other (Hanif Al Fata, 2007).

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Basic Concepts and Understanding Data and Information

Data is an unorganized collection of facts. Data processing technology will convert raw data into information (Nurwono, 1994). Information is the result of processing data obtained from each element of the system; into a form that is easily understood by the recipient and this information describes real events to increase his understanding of the facts; so that it can used for making a decision. The source of information is data. Data is reality that describes real events and unity (Tata Sutabri, 2004).

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