Apple TV Now Supports 4K Resolution

Apple TV Now Supports 4K Resolution

Apple is making an update to Apple TV. The update is 4K resolution support for Youtube and Disney +.

Actually, Youtube has launched 4K support for several Apple TV 4K devices since it was first launched, this smart TV from Apple can enjoy 4K videos, but this does not apply to Youtube videos.

Engadget reported the exception to Youtube for 4K playback is because this video streaming service application uses Google’s VP9 codec to play videos above a resolution of 1080 pixels. This means that if Apple TV wants to enjoy 4K video, it requires hardware or software decoding.

Apple TV Now Supports 4K

In early 2020, Apple announced that 4K Youtube will be available on Apple TV 4K devices running tvOS 14. The videos presented on this smart TV use the VP9 codec and have been rolling out gradually for all users.

Support for Youtube 4K resolution on Apple TV. this was first conveyed by a number of Reddit users who managed to run the 4K feature on Youtube some time ago.

One Reddit user by the name of Vulcan_on_eart shows an Apple TV with tvOS 14.2. and the public beta version tvOS 14.2.2 can run YouTube videos in 4K resolution.

Unfortunately, even though it can play 4K resolution video, Apple TV still has limitations where only 4K videos with a frame rate of 30fps can be played, while 60fps is still limited to lower resolutions such as 2K. In addition, Apple TV also does not feature high dynamic range (HDR) video playback options.

There is no further explanation of why Apple TV has not improved support for 4K video playback on Youtube. One possibility that sticks out is that Apple is still waiting for the completion of 4K Youtube until the release of the next Apple TV device.

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