Advantages of Linux compared to Windows

Advantages of Linux compared to Windows

Here are some of the advantages of Linux over Windows that you need to know:


The first advantage of Linux is its free license. Compared to Windows who have to pay for the license. Linux is the right choice for those of you who don’t want to spend money on an operating system.


If you use Linux, you are free from pirated operating systems, software cracks, patches, and so on. Apart from being free, in Linux you can modify the Linux OS at will.


Superior Security

The next advantage of Linux is that it has superior security because it has limited access rights. That is, the gaps in Linux systems are minimal. For example, when you want to install an application, you need an online repository.

Despite the fact that it tends to be disconnected, it’s exceptionally uncommon for intrusive individuals to make infections in Linux application expansions. This is an advantage of Linux over Windows. The reason is, the Windows OS security is not perfect enough. Windows are often infiltrated by viruses by Exe extension files that are freely downloaded on a website.


Easy Install Process

When installing this system, you do not need to install the drivers that are usually done when installing Windows. This is because most Linux distributions are compatible with all types of processors embedded in computers or laptops.


Light Performance and Minimal Specifications

In terms of performance and specifications, the advantages of Linux are proven to be light in performance (not gaming), and installing Linux does not require large specifications. Only 10GB and 512MB of Linux hard drives can be installed on your computer.


ManySecurity Testing Tools are

Linux Operating System Designed to test security. The advantage of Linux, all the tools in it are free. Many tools are available, both built-in and which can be downloaded on the Linux distribution developer site. So it is not surprising that the Linux system is widely used by hackers.


Many Linux Distro Variants Another

the advantage of Linux is that it has many distro variants. Because this system is free, there are lots of developers who make Linux variants such as Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint to Kali Linux.

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