Achievement of Samsung Galaxy A52

Achievement of Samsung Galaxy A52

Achievement of Samsung Galaxy A52. For the interface, the Samsung Galaxy A52 uses OneUI 3.1 which is built based on the latest Android 11. Through it, various user -friendly features can be found. Not only that, our initial attempts found that the experience of its use also facilitates many parties. In other words, the interface is easy to understand and learn. The design is also still minimalist with icon color options that don’t hurt the eyes. If noticed, the trend on the Android platform in recent times is also seen to look like the original Android.

Speaking more about the internal specs, the Samsung Galaxy A52 uses the same processor as the previous Realme 6 Pro and Redmi Note 9S – via a 720G snapdragon chip generation. It uses a dual-core Kyro 465 chip (based on Cortex A76) and 6 core Kyro 465 (based on Cortex A55) along with the use of Adreno 618 GPU. Through the Geekbench 5 benchmark test, the device scored 536 marks in the single core test and 1578 marks in the test multi terrace. In the Antutu 3D test, 259,408 marks were recorded.

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In terms of performance, this phone worked well throughout the period this technology review was made. As I said in a few paragraphs above, the fresh rate support also works well. The scrolling experience can be done smoothly no matter whether I use it for social media or anything else. With a combination of 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage, I didn’t find any problems to launch apps quickly.

Through it, all applications can also be run without any problems. In addition, the application download process also feels good and the storage offer provided is also sufficient for the use of all users. But in case you still need space for additional storage. Don’t worry because this smart device supports a slot for microSD up to 1TB. But the condition is, you have to spend extra money to buy it.

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