Until now; the ACER CHROMEBOOK SPIN 713 has been seen mostly as a high-powered fans device; or even as a second hand phone meant for individuals in need of a smartphone. However; the Acer Chromebook Spins 713 actually exists in stark contrast to all such ideas. It is a totally different type of Chromebook from that of the Google Pixelbook; being powered by a powerful and high performance Windows operating system. In fact; it may be argued that the Chromebook could be seen as the ideal smartphone in many ways. All the major differences that we have pointed out between the two are then easily solved by comparing the Chromebook Spin with the Android OS running on the Google smartphone.



A good example of the way in which the ACER CHROMEBOOK SPIN 713 can be seen as an ideal smartphone in comparison with the likes of the iPhone 5s; HTC One and others is found in the way in which the device is able to function in both tablet mode and notebook mode. Tablet mode is where most people will assume the device to be placed upon; assuming that they wish to use it like a laptop.

In this respect; the Chromebook comes into its own. Apart from being able to function just like a laptop; it is also capable of running in portrait mode; landscape mode; split screen mode and some apps even let users turn the screen into a ‘landscape’ mode; making it a truly versatile device. The touch screen is also just as functional as that of the iPhone and iPad; making it something of a miniature desktop computer in comparison.

From an aspect ratio perspective; the new Chromebook Spin is much more similar to the iPhone and iPad than it is any other device. It has a wide; high-definition screen that offers a crisp and clear image. When viewing any old website on the Chrome Web OS; it’s hard not to be impressed by the richness of the images and how quickly everything appears to move. The aspect ratio in particular is another area in which the ACER CHROMEBOOK SPIN 713 differs from many other tablets; allowing it to be used as a potential replacement for a laptop.


Final Verdict

The product has a compact design, and it comes with an internet connection.

When using the ACER CHROMEBOOK SPIN 713 review unit; there were many things which were immediately noticeable about the way in which the device operated. The biggest problem that was seen when using the device in notebook mode was that the bottom edge of the screen was very small; which often made it difficult to see the key areas. This issue was not a big problem on the iPhone; where the bottom edge of the screen is much larger. But on the chromebook; this made it harder to type on the small display and to see the key areas on the screen.

An improvement which came with the use of the chromebook was the increase in battery life which it provided. When using the device while traveling; it was able to remain active for an entire day with a full charge. The excellent battery life extended to browsing too; as the battery never went below five hours of use on the average. The best part of this is that this lasted across all browsers too – even the widely used Safari; which uses an older browser engine. So with a single charge; the chromebook spun up for over ten hours of web browsing on average. That is a huge leap forward in terms of technology.

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