7 Ways to Overcome a Slow Laptop | For Windows 7, 8, 10!

Today many people leave PC devices or desktop computers and start switching to laptops that are considered more practical and compact.

Even so, laptops also are not free from various problems. One of them is a slow laptop after a long use.

In fact, some of you may have experienced a slow new laptop even though you just bought it.

Do you want your laptop’s performance to keep going fast and not slow? this time I will review the causes of a slow laptop and how to deal with a slow laptop that you can practice.

Collection of Ways to Overcome a Slow Laptop for Windows 7, 8, 10

How to deal with a slow laptop that I will review below will generally be very useful for Windows OS users, such as Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Maybe even without an application or install Even if you repeat, you just have to follow a few ways so that the laptop isn’t slow, which I will review in full below! This is the answer to why the laptop is slow like you experience.

1. Replacing a hard drive (HDD) with an SSD

If you find that the problem comes from your hard drive (HDD), the first step you can do is defragment to refresh its performance.

If the way to solve this slow Windows 7 laptop and others is still not effective, you can change to the latest HDD or use Solid State Drive (SSD) with faster performance.

The difference between HDD and SSD, apart from performance, will certainly make the process boot faster and more responsive.

It is highly recommended to use an SSD only to load the operating system, because its size is currently relatively small and the price is also quite expensive compared to HDD.

2. Upgrading RAM Capacity

In addition to upgrading the HDD, you can also try ways to deal with slow laptops on Windows 10 and others by increasing the RAM capacity on the laptop you have.

Generally, laptop manufacturers will equip your laptop with a RAM capacity ranging from 2-4GB. In fact, to run the software currently requires at least 8GB of RAM.

For that, you can add RAM to slots the available. But beforehand, make sure the RAM type (DIMM or SODIMM), capacity, and speed.

3. PerformMaintenance Hardware Routine

Very many people sometimes forget this important thing. It turns out that in order for laptop performance to remain fast, you need to do occasionally maintenance hardware.

In addition to cleaning laptop trash, at least you also have to do a way to deal with this slow Windows 8 laptop and others at least once a year.

Perform cleaning starting from the fan, motherboard, to replacing the thermal paste on the laptop processor. This is one of the most effective ways to keep the laptop from being slow.

4. Use Laptop Support Accessories

One of the causes of slow laptops is overheating which also affects performance and performance. You can add accessories such as a cooling pad or additional fan so that the laptop temperature is maintained.

In addition, you can also use a vacuum cooler which can also suck hot air out, which also functions to keep the laptop cool.

How to deal with a slow laptop while surfing and doing other activities does sound trivial, but the impact is quite pronounced.

5. Doing Full Scan with Software Antivirus

Virus will usually make laptop performance extra so it will feel sluggish when you use it. One solution to this problem is of course the software best antivirus.

Many recommendations for software laptop antivirus that can be used. Well, I also recommend doing a full scan regularly at least once a week.

In addition, don’t forget to turn off the feature automatic scan so that the antivirus doesn’t run in your background and makes your laptop even slower!

6. Uninstall Unnecessary Software Have you

ever felt that your new laptop is sluggish even though you just bought it? When using a laptop, I’m sure you have installed countless software , right?

In fact, many of software these are rarely used. Now, for how to deal with a laptop hang and slow, uninstall software the unnecessary.

Here you can use the default Windows menu found in Settings or use an uninstaller software, such as CCleaner and others.

7. Use Software Old Version

Eits, never be proud to use software old! The reason is, I admit that the latest software updates , even though they provide many features, can be overwhelming for your device.

As a solution, you can do how to fix a slow laptop by installing software old versions of which generally have essential features that are not much different from the updated version.

For example, you can get Adobe Photoshop CS2, Microsoft Office 2013, and others. Where some of the software is certainly lighter and you can even get it for free!

Well, that’s how to deal with slow laptops that are easy and easy for you to practice on your own.

I’m sure you can do it yourself. What do you think about the causes of slow laptops and how to fix them earlier?

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