7 Ways to Activate Bluetooth on a Windows 7/8/10 Laptop, Complete All Brands!

Are you still confused about how to turn on Bluetooth on a laptop or PC? Especially to be able to send files without the need for a USB cable!

Actually you can use additional applications such as SHAREit. But you don’t need to be complicated, you can also rely on a Bluetooth connection to send files at high speed.

Well, in this article I will fully review how to activate Bluetooth on a Windows laptop or PC, be it Windows 7, 8, to 10.

For more information, you should immediately see the method below!

A collection of ways to activate Bluetooth on a laptop and use it, can be all brands!

Bluetooth connectivity on a laptop or PC is certainly very useful when you want to send and receive various types of files, such as documents, music, or movies.

Besides functioning to move files from cell phones to laptops and vice versa, Bluetooth also functions to connect other devices such as headsets, mice, or keyboards!

For those of you who don’t understand, here I have fully reviewed a few steps and how to activate Bluetooth on laptops and PCs that you can practice on your own.

1. Use a Dongle (for Bluetooth devices on laptops that are not yet supported)

How to activate Bluetooth on this laptop can be used by devices that do not have hardware built-in, so they need a tool called a USB Bluetooth Dongle.

Then what is a dongle? A dongle is a device that has a shape like a USB flash drive , where the way it works is just plug it into a laptop or PC.

This tool functions as an antenna receiver which will send or receive Bluetooth signals from smartphones and other devices.

Generally, dongle this Bluetoothis equipped with special programs and drivers that will be installed automatically when you plug it into your laptop or PC.


2. Install the Driver. Bluetooth

Steps to install a Bluetooth laptop that is not active, the next step is to install the Bluetooth driver . Which you may have forgotten to do yourself, here.

To be able to activate Bluetooth on ASUS laptops and other brands, you can first install the driver.

This is mandatory, because even though your laptop supports hardware built-in Bluetooth, you still have to have a separate program to run it.

Then how do I get it? driver This Bluetoothis usually found on the CD / DVD that came when you first bought your laptop.

If you don’t have it, you can download the driver on the official website of the brand laptop or PC.

You can also use software DriverPack Solution which contains a number of drivers that you can download via the link below.


3. Activate Bluetooth on the Laptop through the Device Manager

You have installed the driver Bluetooth, but can’t use it for any connectivity yet?

Take it easy, you can first activate Bluetooth on your laptop or PC by first accessing the menu Device Manager found on your Windows OS.

For a guide on how to turn on Bluetooth on laptops and PCs through the Device Manager menu, you can follow the steps as follows.

  • The first time, on the main desktop you just need to press the key combination Windows + X and then select themenu Device Manager.
  • Then the Device Manager window will open. Then you just click the Bluetooth menu and menu dropdown will be displayed.
  • Select the Bluetooth device you are using then right click. Enable Bluetooth by selecting the menu Enable device to start it.
  • While the option Disable device will disable the Bluetooth feature. Really easy, right?


4. Use a combination of FN keys


Boards keyboard on a laptop provide the FN key to perform a variety of functions, both for enabling and disabling, with a combination of a few buttons.

Starting from adjusting the screen brightness, adjusting the volume, including to activate Bluetooth on your laptop.

Here you just have to pay attention, which keys are between F1 and F12 that have a feature to activate Bluetooth. You just have to look for the Bluetooth icon, really.

For example, how to activate Bluetooth on an Acer laptop using this method is with the FN + F3 key combination. This might be different, depending on the brand of laptop you are using!

If you have done this,in the system tray the Bluetooth icon will appear, indicating that you are ready to use this feature.


5. Use the Bluetooth icon in the System Tray.

Then the Bluetooth icon appears in the system tray, all you have to do is use this menu to send and receive files.

And also to connect your laptop or PC with various supported, for example devicesthe headset Bluetooth you have.

For a complete way to use Bluetooth on a laptop via the menu system tray, you can follow the steps below.

  • On the taskbar at the bottom of the Windows window, you go to the system tray on the right. Press the up arrow icon to open more icons.
  • If there is aicon Bluetooth, all you have to do is right-click to select various menus that you can do.
  • Add a Bluetooth Device of course to add a device connection and Show Bluetooth Device to see connected or previously connected devices.
  • If you want to send a file or receive a file, just go to the option Send a File or Receive a File.


6. Connect the Laptop and PC with Other Devices

If you have succeeded in the previous steps, it means that the way to turn on Bluetooth on the laptop and PC that you have done has been successful.

Next I will tell you how to add devices via Bluetooth, for example for your smartphone Android So you can transfer files to each other later.

To do this, you can easily follow the steps I have reviewed as follows!

  • Make sure you have activated Bluetooth on your smartphone Android And make sure that it can also be detected by other devices.
  • Back to Bluetooth icon thein system your Windows Tray,then right-click and selectoption. Add a Bluetooth DeviceWait for the Settings menu window to appear.
  • In the Bluetooth & Other Device window, all you have to do is select the option Add Bluetooth or other device> Bluetooth.
  • Windows Bluetooth will automatically scan nearby Bluetooth devices. If your device is displayed, click on that option until the status appears Connecting.
  • A confirmation code will appear, where you have to make sure the code displayed is the same between your laptop and smartphone . If you have, just tap Connect / Pair on both of them.
  • After that, the Bluetooth device has successfully connected and is ready to send or transfer files.


7. Start Sending and Receiving Files

Finally, of course you just have to try to send files using Bluetooth on your laptop . You can do the method as follows.

  • Make sure the other device has activated the Bluetooth feature and is ready to receive your files.
  • Open Windows Explorer and decide which files you want to send. Then right click on the file and select the option Send to> Bluetooth device.
  • You will be redirected to the window Bluetooth File Transfer. Then you just have to choose which device the file will be sent to and if you have clicked Next.
  • The process will run and you just have to accept sending files on other devices. If the transfer is successful, all you have to do is click Finish to close it.

Meanwhile, you can also receive files using Bluetooth on a laptop from other devices, you know. The method is quite easy and you can do it yourself like this.

  • Right-click on the Bluetooth icon in the system tray and select the option Receive a file. Then the Bluetooth File Transfer window will appear with the status Waiting for a connection.
  • On other devices, all you have to do is send files via Bluetooth to your laptop or PC.
  • Automatically, the process of receiving files via Bluetooth will run on your laptop or PC. When the process is complete, all you have to do is specify the storage directory and press Finish.

Well, that’s a collection of ways to activate Bluetooth on Windows laptops and PCs for all brands that you can do easily.

Even in this way, you don’t have to worry anymore when you forget to bring the data cable to transfer your files, right?

In addition, armed with this feature, you can also send Android applications via Bluetooth, which is certainly more practical without consuming quota. Good luck!

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