7 Lightweight & Best PC Video Editing Applications 2020

Are you confused about looking for software professional video editing, but still light to use on your PC or laptop?

For example, for the need to work on video presentations to create a channel YouTube for those of you who are still in the beginner category, here.

Take it easy, the articles this time ApkVenue will review the recommendations for the lightest and best PC video editing application in 2020 that might be suitable for your PC and laptop specifications.

Moreover, there are several free lightweight PC video editing applications that have features that are not much different, you know. Are you curious about the recommendations?

Lightweight, Free, and Best PC Video Editing Application Recommendations in 2020

For beginner YouTubers, but have a limited budget, ApkVenue also recommends that you try an Android video editing application, for example, because your PC or laptop specifications are really not strong.

But for more professional results and easier control, it’s better to use software edit videos on a PC or laptop with tools more complete.

No need to go to length anymore, you better see the full list below!


1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the best PC video editing application that is often used by professionals. This program editing video itself was developed by Adobe.

Adobe Premiere Pro is widely used as a software well-known Youtuber video editing. Obviously this is because it is not only easy to use but also has complete features.

By mastering Adobe Premiere Pro, you can compose video events professionally such as weddings, music video clips, films, profile videos, and more.

Unfortunately, to use the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee, which is pretty good.

But for those of you who want the free version, there is also Adobe Premiere Pro CS2 which is provided free of charge directly from Adobe. Hurry up and brush!

Pros of Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • Complete editing features for professionals.
  • It has been tested among YouTubers, filmmakers, and other video activists.

Weaknesses of Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • The Fee subscription per month is somewhat less affordable.
  • For beginners it takes some time to make adjustments.



2. DaVinci Resolve (Best Free PC Video Editing Application 2020)

If you want to find a free laptop and PC video editing application that has similar features like Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve is on the rise in 2020.

No kidding! DaVinci Resolve is presented by developer Blackmagic Design which is also known as a manufacturer of high-end DSLR cameras, you know.

DaVinci Resolve is packed with features that are suitable for beginners to professional editors, but don’t have the budget to subscribe to.

The features provided range from motion graphics, multicam editing, audio mixing, and more that you can explore yourself. Come on, hurry up and download this one video editing application!

Pros of DaVinci Resolve:

  • Free and multiplatform (Windows, macOS, Linux) available.
  • Easier to use, lighter, with features faster rendering .

Weaknesses of DaVinci Resolve:

  • The user interface is still stiff so it is not easy for some people to understand.
  • There are still some bugs in the application.



3. Cyberlink PowerDirector

Furthermore, there is Cyberlink PowerDirector which is a lightweight PC video editing application belonging to the Cyberlink company. It’s quite easy to use and the features abound.

Apart from doing editing manual video, you can also edit using the feature Express Projects which allows you to edit quickly.

You can also use Cyberlink PowerDirector for professional needs, features such as 360 video editing, motion tracking, chroma keys, and color adjustments.

This lightweight PC video editing application only needs a minimum of 2 GB of RAM to be able to use it, especially for the PowerDirector 17 version, gang. Really great, right?

Cyberlink PowerDirector advantages:

  • Light weight and can be used on PCs with limited specifications.
  • Complete features, such as motion tracking, chroma key, and color adjustment.

Weaknesses of Cyberlink PowerDirector:

  • The video results are not as good as professional video editors like Premiere.
  • Less suitable for professional and industrial needs.




4. AVS Video Editor

software Light PC video editing then there is AVS Video Editor.This application has an interactive display, and is straightforward to use and has very complete features.

This application has a relatively small file size. However, the features it presents are no less complete when compared to its competitors.

One of the advantages of this free PC video editing application is the use of technology video cache so that the FullHD video editing process can run more smoothly and very quickly.

To do editing video, AVS Video Editor provides adoption timeline that will separate editing between video, effects, text, and audio.

The advantages of AVS Video Editor:

  • Suitable for PC or laptop users with low specifications.
  • Diverse features with video cache for faster video editing.

Disadvantages of AVS Video Editor: The

  • the user interface is very simple, not for professionals.




5. Windows Movie Maker (Video Editor)

Windows Movie Maker is a PC video editing application for beginners developed by Microsoft and made exclusively for Windows-based PC or laptop users.

software This free video editing is classified as having features editing basic videos that are arguably limited. The last version of Windows Movie Maker itself can still be enjoyed on Windows 7.

But don’t worry, gang! For the current version of Windows 10, you can also use the built-in lightweight PC video editing application called Video Editor which has the same function.

With a look that is certainly up to date, Video Editor is perfect for beginners who are trying to learn editing basics. Come on, try it right away!

Pros of Windows Movie Maker (Video Editor):

  • Free and provided directly in the Windows operating system.
  • Very Features basic with functions that beginners can use right away.

Disadvantages of Windows Movie Maker (Video Editor):

  • Technology is very limited for more editing needs advanced.
  • The appearance is very simple and less suitable for professionals.



6. VideoPad Video Editor

Developer NCH ​​Software has many of the best multimedia applications, one of which is the VideoPad Video Editor which functions to edit videos.

This free video editing application for PC and laptop has a simple appearance and is relatively small in size so it is very light for you to use, gang.

VideoPad supports many video formats, such as AVI, MPEG, MP4, MOV, and many more. Until the audio format to support the smooth editing process.

The advantages of VideoPad Video Editor:

  • It can be used for free and is light in size so it doesn’t burden PCs and laptops.
  • Complete video and audio format support.

Weaknesses of VideoPad Video Editor:

  • Not suitable for professionals because the features provided are quite limited.




7. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is the best free PC video editing application that has lots of video editing features among software other free video editing.

Software that has more similar features like Adobe After Effects is available for Windows and Mac users which is equipped with quite a variety of features.

For example, such as video effects, grading, to the use of VFX for sophisticated effects in-style videos film action latest today’s.

You can also download software this video editing for free or paid for more complete features, gang.

The advantages of HitFilm Express:

  • Can be downloaded for free with a choice of various effects.
  • Available on various platforms, such as Windows and Mac.

Weaknesses of HitFilm Express: Have

  • to pay for additional effects beyond the standard version.




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