6 habits that cause laptops to break quickly

In this digital era, the existence of laptops is as important as cell phones. In addition to making it easier to do school work and office work, laptops are also often made for fun chatting and watching movies online.

However, sometimes laptops become more easily damaged due to several factors, one of which is bad habits that you often do. Even though this habit can actually cause damage to the laptop you have.

The following reviews 6 habits that are often considered trivial, but can make the laptop break down quickly

1. Charge the laptop when the battery is above 30%

You shouldn’t recharge your laptop battery when the battery is still above 30%, why? Because charging when the battery is above 30%, it will decrease the battery’s ability to store power and make the laptop battery damage faster. It’s better if you charge the laptop battery when it’s 10%.


2. Putting the laptop on a soft and soft place

Putting the laptop on a soft and soft place such as mattresses and sofas can also trigger the laptop to become damaged quickly, why? Because mattresses and sofas are objects that cannot absorb heat, the air circulation holes under the laptop will be closed.

This will cause the laptop that is being operated to heat up faster, and of course this can cause overheating of the laptop components. Damage will also occur if the habit of putting the laptop on a soft and soft place is not stopped immediately.


3. Rarely clean a laptop

laptop users often underestimate the cleanliness of the laptop, whereas trivial habits like this can harm the laptop you know. Dust that sticks to the components in the laptop, if left unchecked, will interfere with laptop performance.

In addition, dust that sticks to the screen will also interfere with the display on the monitor screen. Surely you don’t want your browsing activities to be disturbed because of the dust stuck to the monitor screen? So you should regularly clean the outside at least once a week, and for the inside 3 months.


4. Putting a drink near the laptop.

Often people put their drink near the laptop when operating the gadget, with the aim of making it easier to reach his drink when he is thirsty. In fact, if the drink is spilled and hits the laptop, it can cause damage to the laptop. Laptops are one of the electronic objects that are not resistant to liquids and are at risk of being damaged if they are exposed to liquids, such as water or coffee spills.

If your laptop is already exposed to liquid, then you should immediately turn off your laptop, then remove all the components in it, such as batteries and others. After that, dry all of these components, and when they dry, then you can put the components back together as before.


5. Putting cell phones near laptops

Most people put their cell phones near the laptop when they are working on assignments from school or from work, even though these trivial habits can trigger damage to the laptop.

Cellphones can emit magnetic fields, which of course will be dangerous if placed near objects that also have the same field, such as laptops. This will not only damage the laptop, but will also damage your cellphone. We recommend that you give the two gadgets a distance of about 15-20 cm.


6. Let the laptop battery run out completely.

Charge your laptop battery immediately if the battery has reached 10%, because if you charge it when it is 0%, over time it will make your laptop battery drop quickly. Of course, if you don’t stop the habit of charging your laptop when it is 0%, it will make your laptop break faster.

That’s a quick review of 6 habits that can make your laptop break down quickly. You should immediately get rid of this habit if you want your laptop to last a long time and not be damaged easily.

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