5 Best Download Manager Software Apart from IDM

For most internet users, downloading is something that is often done. Especially for fans of games, music and movies. Likewise with students, university students and office workers who often download documents certain from the internet. To fulfill the download activity,download manager software is needed so that the download process becomes easier and smoother.

Internet Download Manager or IDM is software commonly used to download files from the internet. However, besides IDM, there are several download manager software other that are no less good. Here’s a list of the 5 best download manager software besides Internet Download Manager.


5 Best Download Manager Software Apart from IDM


EagleGet is the right solution for those of you who like to download and don’t want to wait long. This free software uses a multi-threaded scheme for faster download speeds and offers support for protocols such as http, https, ftp, mms, and rtsp.

You can also download many files at once without reducing speed at all. In addition, EagleGet is also capable of converting files to other formats and can automatically detect viruses in a downloaded file.


2. FlashGet

FlashGet is a download manager software which is very useful to help you in the process of downloading files from the internet. With this software you can download, restart, or start the download again.

Apart from that, you can also download multiple files at once and separate them into different folders. Other features in this download manager software will also help the download process easier and faster.


3. Free Download Manager This

free download manager software is able to download files in the form of music, videos, and documents quickly with various features. Free Download Manager also supports BitTorrent and can resume failed downloads automatically without having to start over. This software also supports multiple browsers including UC and Firefox.


4. JDownloader

If you often fail to download files because of blocking ads, then JDownloader is the most appropriate software for you to use. Not only is it fast, the download process with JDownloader is also very easy and efficient.

This software can also import documents such as ccf, rsdf, and dlc. Downloading multiple files at once is not a problem if you use JDownloader which also supports many file-sharing sites.


5. Download Accelerator Plus

Using SPEEDbit’s multi-channel technology, the process of downloading various files using the Download Accelerator Plus software is very easy and fast. No need to repeat the download process which takes up time and internet quota.

You can easily resume failed downloads or stop automatically. While waiting for the download process to complete, you can see a preview of the video file that you are downloading.

Those are the 5 best download manager software besides Internet Download Manager. These software have their respective advantages. You are free to choose which software you want to use because the five software above will make your download process better.

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