5 Best Antivirus for PCs and Laptops, Free and Make Clean!

Worried about your PC device being attacked by dangerous viruses and malware? If that’s the case, it’s better to just use the best PC / laptop antivirus application !

The existence computer viruses of more and more that threaten the security of users’ data, makes antivirus applications one of the most widely used precautions today.

Unfortunately, of the many best antivirus applications available on the market today, not all of them offer free or free access.

But, take it easy! Because in this article I will give you some of the recommendations free antivirus best for PCs and laptops that are worth trying.

Best Free Antivirus Recommendations for PCs and Laptops

Here are the best free antivirus recommendations 2020 that are very reliable in keeping your PC and laptop safe from viruses. Check it out!

1. Kaspersky Security Cloud Free (Anti Virus Best)

Always successfully entered the ranks of the top ten best antivirus applications each year, Kaspersky Security Cloud Free or formerly known as Free Kaspersky Antivirus so recommendation this time.

The popularity of the Kaspersky Security Cloud Free application itself is of course inseparable from the various best features it offers, such as Password Management, Core Protection, to the feature Secure Connection (VPN).

Not only that, this antivirus application also has a UI that is simple and easy to use.


2. AVG Free Antivirus

Want to download another best free laptop antivirus? If so, theapplication AVG Free Antivirus might be your consideration.

Officially acquired by Avast Software in September 2016, AVG Free Antivirus is increasingly developing with various features such as Web Protection to monitor and protect browsing activities, as well as the feature Real-time Security Updates.

Not only that, AVG Free Antivirus is also one of the best and lightweight antivirus applications that won’t performance laptop device’s slow down your.


3. Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus is one of the most popular antiviruses because it is proven to be able to “cure” PCs from various malware to attacks hacker.

Some of the features offered by this application include CyberCapture to clean virus threats and WiFi Inspector to secure WiFi networks.

In addition, there is also a feature Smart Scan that functions to detect security threats, a Game Mode that regulates notifications, and a Behavior Shield as an application watchdog.


4. Avira Free Antivirus


So one of the oldest antiviruses, Avira has been around since 1986. Known for its solid performance and user interface good, this antivirus is one that is widely used by PC or laptop users.

The features available in Avira Free Antivirus include Protection Cloud for analyzing files, Browser Tracking Blocker to monitor activities browsing.

Until PUA Shield which functions as an antidote to dangerous applications, aka prone to viruses. Antivirus for this laptop is also very light.


5. 360 Total Security

Known as one of the PC antivirus applications with the most and most comprehensive features, 360 Total Security might be an alternative for you to use.

Some of the features provided by this application include Real Time Detection, Document Protector, Intelligent Blocking, and various other features that are guaranteed to make your computer or laptop more secure.

Although it is not as popular as the Avast antivirus application and others, this application has reportedly protected more than 687 thousand users around the world.


Those are some recommendations for the best free PC antivirus applications in 2020 that you deserve to install and use.

By having the right antivirus and according to your needs, of course your PC or laptop device is guaranteed to be safer from the risk of virus and malware attacks.

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